Windows, Walls, Floors, Doors, Carpet, Concrete, Asphalt or Brick

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Case Study

The Magic Wand Theory


Promotional Products Distributor


Satisfy an extremely demanding customer, that expected miracles, by placing multiple logo designs and brand messages on products and surfaces that had previously never been considered. Areas included concrete columns, entrance steps, windows, sides of buildings, mirrors, escalators and elevator doors.


We call it “The Magic Wand Theory.” Just place a magic wand in your client’s hands and let them point to wherever they would like to see their brand. And “POOF” it magically happens!

Well, not exactly that easy... but, we do have solutions for all of the above locations. Hadrus EZ STIK™ Graphics allow you to place your client’s logo virtually anywhere.


You look like a hero and your client gains tremendous exposure that they hadn’t had before. With a little communication, some creative thinking and dynamic graphic materials, everyone is happy.

Just dropping you a quick line to thank you for the banners. You weren't kidding when you said we had some sweet banners on the way! Thanks again and we'll be ordering more soon.
Dave B., California
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